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Ok I've decided to change the focus of this blog

Alright as people who have visited my main blog know, I usually talk about different subjects, my opinions and my thoughts but I really don't talk about my life, my likes and dislikes, its usually insights of how I see the world. Originally I was going to talk about things like video game reviews but now I decided, what's the point? Instead I'll just talk like the geek that I really am (though I don't live in my parents basement). Besides my heart wasn't into that as people could tell by that last post.

So yesterday I submitted a character for this Marvel E-mail RPG. I've been playing with one group but I've decided to try a different group and see how things are. Its run by the guy who mods the first group but there are a lot less people in this one. Perhaps its the elite group and I was let in Woo Hoo. Anyway the character I created is name Liz (you do really need her full name?) and she's a 16 year old goth chick who happens to be a lesbian and a mutant(X-men type mutant, not the fleshy headed type). I looking forward to playing her and if your interested, she looks like Death from DC's vertigo's universe. I'm not sure if she's going to be a nice girl or nasty but I have decided that she doesn't trust men at all.

Anyway I have to get going but I promise that I will post on a regular basis now. On par with my main blog.

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Ok I've decided to change the focus of this blog - Tuesday, October 12, 2004 - |

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