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Battlestar Galatica Rules

Has anyone been watching the new Battlestar Galatica series? It's on the Sci Fi Network in the U. S. and on Space in Canada and I'm going on record to say that I'm extremely impressed.

This show seems a lot more grittier and realistic then the original series but that's a given since the people who write these shows today understand that we're a lot more intellectual than before, and they don't want to annoy the Fanboys who pay a little too much attention to continuity (WHO CARES WHAT SEQUENCE OF BUTTONS THEY PUSHED, IT'S A TV SHOW NOW MOVE OUT OF YOUR PARENTS BASEMENT! ! ! )

Tonight I watched an episode that had Richard Hatch (the guy from the orginal Battlestar Galactic series, not the survivor guy who doesn't pay his taxes) as the guest star. He played some prisoner/terrorist and there were a few scenes where he was talking with the "Apollo" from the new series which I thought was really cool. It connected the old and new series, having both Apollo's on at the same time. It reminded me of an old Star Trek TNG episode where they found Scotty trapped in a transporter buffer and he was now with the cast of the TNG crew. Ok I'm a fanboy, buy I'm not religious about it, I would never check "Jedi" as my religion; actually I would but just to be a smart ass. Anyway there's a scene where Scotty goes onto the holodeck and recreates the old bridge, then Picard showed up. There just was something cool about it.

I'm really like the new Battlestar Galatica series in the fact that it deals with real subjects including alcoholism and love. Casting the new Starbuck and Bommer (and making her a Cylon) as a female was a great idea. I look forward to future episodes.

My 2 geeky bytes.
Battlestar Galatica Rules - Sunday, January 30, 2005 - |

It seems that I cannot make up my mind

Well here we go again. This is the latest from Blogger Templates
and I think its really cool, I have the space I need to put up pictures and let's be honest, At first glance, you thought you were at Google and the Google Search on top even works.

My 2 bytes
It seems that I cannot make up my mind - Saturday, January 29, 2005 - |

MegaTokyo is cool

Well its time to try and get things going on this thing. I little while ago I discovered this online comic called MegaTokyo, Its about these 2 guys who end up getting stranded in Tokyo and they don't have the money to get home, so Piro and Largo are strangers in a strange land.

It's a good GEEK read. Enjoy.

Hey this my sub blog. If your looking for debt, go to my main blog.

My 2 bytes.

MegaTokyo is cool - Thursday, January 27, 2005 - |

Yes I changed it again, like you care

Yes I know I changed the blog around again (like anyone is here anyway) but I saw problems with the Final Fantasy Template and I didn't care enough to fix it so I went to this one.

This was the template for my main blog but I had some issues with pic so I changed it to the Pepsi motif but since I rarely post here anyway (I swear that will chance) I figured this template will be ok. I'll just be careful when it comes to pics. Vics uses this third party host for her pics and she posts thumbnails so I'll probably use them for here so you click and the full image will appear.

Anyway, I'll get to work on fixing this template later today.

My 2 bytes
Yes I changed it again, like you care - Tuesday, January 18, 2005 - |

A New Look

As no one noticed, since even I'm not around much, I've made some big changes here. My people might wonder why the heck would I go through the trouble in making changes in a blog that even I don't frequently post. Well that's a good question and the only answer I can give is "Because I can"

Actually a friend of mine talking about changing her template because she was getting bored with the templates that blogger has (and let's face it, they are very dull and typical). Well I was looking and I found this one and I fell in love with it. However I didn't want to change the one from my main blog since I was happy with that one and the Final Fantasy pic was a little Fan boyish so I decided to change this blog. Though there are some things that I need to tweak and I will do them in the coming days but I do have things that I need to do.

Oh did I mention that Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite RPG ever? I like it because of the story. It had a hug plot but if you really get down to it, its basically a romance. I'm not a romance novel type but sometimes, I want to see "The happily ever after" thing happen, even in a videogame, unlike the ending of Metal Gear Solid 1, if you quit on the torture level. Meryl dies and it's a bit sad. Not to mention when Aeris died in Final Fantasy VII.

Now anyway I like it and I will finish tweaking it sometime next week.

Until then, My 2 bytes
A New Look - Sunday, January 09, 2005 - |

Just mucking around.

Just my tradational one a month blog post. Also redesigning the place. I'll have more to talk about later.
Just mucking around. - - |

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