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A New Look

As no one noticed, since even I'm not around much, I've made some big changes here. My people might wonder why the heck would I go through the trouble in making changes in a blog that even I don't frequently post. Well that's a good question and the only answer I can give is "Because I can"

Actually a friend of mine talking about changing her template because she was getting bored with the templates that blogger has (and let's face it, they are very dull and typical). Well I was looking and I found this one and I fell in love with it. However I didn't want to change the one from my main blog since I was happy with that one and the Final Fantasy pic was a little Fan boyish so I decided to change this blog. Though there are some things that I need to tweak and I will do them in the coming days but I do have things that I need to do.

Oh did I mention that Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite RPG ever? I like it because of the story. It had a hug plot but if you really get down to it, its basically a romance. I'm not a romance novel type but sometimes, I want to see "The happily ever after" thing happen, even in a videogame, unlike the ending of Metal Gear Solid 1, if you quit on the torture level. Meryl dies and it's a bit sad. Not to mention when Aeris died in Final Fantasy VII.

Now anyway I like it and I will finish tweaking it sometime next week.

Until then, My 2 bytes
A New Look - Sunday, January 09, 2005 - |

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