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Ok I've decided to change the focus of this blog
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Lady Scarlet

As I said before, I've gotten interesting in this e-mail RPG group centered around the X-men universe. Anyway I have this character named Lady Scarlet. Now, she's was born on a fictitious south east Asian island named Madripoor but her heritage is British. Her family came from Great Britain in the 1800's and and laid the foundations to what would become a criminal empire (Picture Hong Kong on a island, but only with more money and far more dangerous).

Anyway right now Scarlet (as she wishes to be called) is a little upset. Her best friend Tam wants to leave again and she thinks (and she's probably right) that she would never see her again. The only way that she got Tam to come back the first time was to kidnap her and she wasn't happy about that. In fact, she went into a blinding rage but they managed to work things out.

Anyway Tam is leaving (again) and this time Sheila (her other friend, I'll talk about Sheila in another post) is leaving as well so she's going to be alone. Though she's putting on a false front (she's very good at hiding her emotions), she is actually very sad. She lives in a luxury penthouse overlooking the city but she cannot leave for fear of her enemies striking at her. (Did I mention that she's a crime lord?)

She has this fear because that what she would do. She's only 24 and she knows how to be ruthless and disregard her morals in the name of business. In fact she killed her own father on her 21st birthday to gain her power, though she killed him for the sake of revenge for him killing her mother 10 years earlier (it was the 10th anniversary of her death), not to gain control of the 'family business'

Anyway Scarlet is hot young blond who happens to be a telepath and have telekinetic abilities. She well educated with a MBA and runs her empire from her home so she rarely see's anyone but loyal servants, social climbers and power hungry low lives.

At least until recently, when a young man named Jimmy came into her life. Now Jimmy, only power is the ability to create and design mechanical devices quickly (see Forge of the X-men universe) . Anyway, Scarlet is setting up a shop for him in Las Vegas (where he live) to work on projects for her and she intends to make a lot of money from his abilities, though money has never been an issue with this guy.

Actually he's fallen in love with Scarlet and she knows it, on top that, she knows that he really cares of her and doesn't want power or money or anything and having someone want Scarlet for being herself and not a wealthy crime lord has her totally blown away, he even asked her what her real name was. Anyway they ended up in bed together and that's why Tam is mad and had decided to leave. At first she was going to leave with Jimmy but he said that he wanted to stay so Tam is leaving on her own and Scarlet is upset.

Anyway this RPG is rather heavy on the role play and I will talk about it again very soon but time forced to me end this entry, so cya.

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Lady Scarlet - Thursday, October 14, 2004 - |

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