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There so much cool games coming out
The Sony PS2 Hard Drive was a total waste.
Lady Scarlet
Ok I've decided to change the focus of this blog
Played Front Mission 4
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Pictures from my mind

Alright. Now I make this post with fear and trepidation because I’ve seen indications that Blogger is going nuts Oh well.

As I mentioned before, I play in the e-mail RPG and because of certain people who have asked if I had a picture of my character (I’m no Larry Elmore people), so I’ve been searching the Internet for an accurate picture and I'd thought I'd show them off.

This is Nene and she's a direct rip off the an anime series called Bubble Crisis. She about 17 and she's more of a hacker and can be very a very emotional person. Right now she's very concerned about her sister Priss (In the campaign, I made Priss and Nene sisters) because some goon from her past has shown up and gotten her hooked on some slap patch drug that is so addictive that the withdrawal pains would kill.

This guy is named Kurt Landers but his code name is StarStryke (Yeah that the guy in my bio pic). He's a member of a Canadian superhero team called Alpha Flight. Currently thought he's trapped in the future, during the 2099 Time line (It was comics universe that Marvel Created int the late 80's and early 90's. Anyway Kurt takes his responsibilities a little too seriously. He has this mindset that if he fails then all is lost so refuses to fail.

Sheila Romalotti has done a lot lately. She was an engineering student who's family was killed so that some mafia family could take over her family's Jewelry business. After being forced to drop out of school, she survived as a waitress in a greasy spoon diner. One day she was found some mafia types who thought she was dead as well and went after her. While she was running, she ran into The Punisher and the goons behind her were killed. After The Punisher refused to take her own as an apprentice, she went out on her own to get revenge. Recently she fell in love with a vampiric Lora Dane, who then (at her request) transformed her into a vampire herself. Now as an undead avenger of scum. Blood Moon watches the street.

Finally this is Lady Scarlet. Now I spoke about her in a previous post. She's beautiful, intelligent, rich, cold and sometimes very brutal. She takes what she wants and damn everyone else. She trusts very few people and she has learned that the few people who she chooses to trust can still turn their backs on you so she has become even more cautious in who she confided in.

Lately she has become interesting in a young gifted boy who can build incredible things in a very short time. This person is attracted to her and she finds him interesting as well since he wants nothing that she hadn't already given him. All he wants are resources to build things and she has already given these things to him so he can create inventions that she can sell and make money. So Jimmy's interest in her is genuine and she hasn't encountered that before. She has always been viewed as a conquest or a evil bitch by all except for a few people.

Well that's all for now. Let's see if this post goes up properly now despite the signs of Blogger messing up.

Pictures from my mind - Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - |

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