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Nintendo's days are numbered

Right now I believe that Nintendo is going to go the same way as Sega, become a third party developer. Now all the hardcore Mario fans are screaming at me, cursing my name and calling for my death, but it’s Nintendo that has chosen to seal its own faith.

Nintendo used to be a leader and it has done well in the past with a solid plan. The problem is that the market has changed and Nintendo is still relying on the old plan. It’s usually companies that refuse to change to meet the new demands of its consumers that end up collapsing and going bankrupt.

A perfect example was the N64. At that time Sony and Sega has adopted the CD format while Nintendo choose to stay with a cartridge based media. It was because of this, that Nintendo lost Square Soft to Sony and it appears that Nintendo still hasn’t learned it lesson. The latest version of the Game Boy Advance is a retro version, FEATURING OLD GAMES.

Now there are people who are saying that they are coming up with new ideas, yeah right, like turning Metroid in a First Person Shooter, what an innovative ideas. Who ever heard of such a concept? Oh and don’t forget the bongo’s. We can’t play any Nintendo games online but we got BONGOS.

It seems to me that Nintendo is playing catch-up a lot and with Sony deciding to get into the handheld market, things are only going to get worse for Nintendo. Personally I hope Nintendo goes get its shit together and starts to become a success again but with crap like Pokemon Channel being leased, I doubt it.
Nintendo's days are numbered - Sunday, October 24, 2004 - |

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