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I was playing Star Wars Battlefront online last night and I have to

Now I got the game the day it came out but I never played it that much. I bought it at the same time as the Star Wars DVD box set and I had bought the Sims 2 the week before so I never really got into it,but last night I thought what the hell. So I put the game in my Playstation 2, and hooked up the headset (which I had yet to use) and
went online and let me tell you. I'm convinced that none of the other players were going to be cure cancer anytime in the future.

My with my first online game. I encounters someone who couldn't stop laughing and I just wanted to shoot him just to shut him up. What was the deal here.

Now my second experence that night, i had a guy who had to hum the music in the game. I MEAN COME ON HERE. I'm not looking for eternal wisdom but I don't want to hear DUM DUM DE DUM DUM DE DUM DUM DE DEM from some dumb guy.

It wasn't until later that night I found some more serious players and they did make the experince pleasant but I shouldn't have to go through all this crap to find someone with half a brain.

One more thing. Since when should I have to download a patch to play a PS2 game? My memory card can only hold so much crap. This is unexcuseable in my opinion.The memeory card only hold 8MB and that space should not be used for GAME PATCHES.

My 2 bytes

I was playing Star Wars Battlefront online last night and I have to - Tuesday, October 26, 2004 - |

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